Ninth MT-Series Waffle Vision Inspection System Placed at Customer Site

(Ottawa, ON) June, 2021 Montrose Technologies is pleased to place its ninth in-line system into a major waffle co-packer. The system operates to automatically remove faults that are undesirable to the end-customer and remove product that may cause jam ups in packaging. The turn-key systems allow for multi-stage rejection, as specified by the customer and provide invaluable real-time data to operators. 

Many food producers have discovered the value of having a vision inspection system to increase product quality, reduce costs and ensure accurate process data is developed and archived to help increase process efficiency. ” states Robert Parker, Vice President of Montrose Technologies. “Repeat customers are a clear demonstration of Montrose quality and reliability.

Montrose Technologies is a leading supplier of automated vision inspection, rejection and intelligent material handling systems.  Its proprietary 2D/3D color imaging engine provides accurate size, shape, and color information for fast moving objects of any orientation.  With over 300 systems installed worldwide our customer list includes many of the biggest names in the food industry.

in-line vision inspection system for food producers