Automated Vision Inspection Systems For The Food Production Industry, Providing Benchtop Sampling Or 100% Inspection, Rejection and Monitoring

About Montrose Technologies

At the core of our expertise is a proprietary 2D/3D/Color imaging engine that provides accurate size, shape and color information for randomly-oriented, fast moving objects. This technology is used in all of our inspection systems and ensures that every product is identified, analyzed and, if necessary, individually removed or diverted from the product stream.

Montrose Technologies helps food producers ensure the quality of their products meet their customers high demands.

Accuracy and Precision for vision inspection in food production

Precision and Accuracy

Montrose Technologies employs a unique 2D/3D color imaging engine providing accurate size, shape and color information.

Customer Support for vision inspection of food production

Customer Service

Our customer service team is comprised of individuals with over 40 years of combined experience in the food production marketplace.

Global Support for vision inspection in food production

Global Support

On-site and remote support is provided with all system sales, adaptable to customer needs and expectations.

Return on investment of vision inspection in food production

Return on Investment

Montrose vision inspection systems provide crucial data allowing reduction in waste and labor costs increasing profitability.

Our Customers

McDonalds Corporation
Kellog's Corporation
General Mills Corporation
Quaker Incorporated
Bimbo Bakeries
C.H. Guenther & Sons, Inc
Mision Bakeries
CraftMark Bakery
Weston Foods
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